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Morning workout

makes me happy. It feels the brain sweats too, pressing out my fears, worries, and unhealthy emotions!

First I play YouTube videos—Rebecca’s leg work out and Tiffany’s core and hip work out. And lie down with Miracle balls under the shoulders.

Then my day starts off right! Have a good day!

Thanksgiving 2015

Nothing much to do for an international student. It’s just been a blessing to be able to have a few days off. I celebrate Friendsgiving, hence the days before and after are busier than Thanksgiving day.

Today I was staying at home, mostly alone, speaking only with my bf through Skype, chatting only with texts. Never spoke something like “I’m thankful…” aloud. I guess this is a good place to do it.
I’m thankful for 

Having a wonderful family although they are thousands miles away,

Having a loving, caring partner,

Doing what I have passion for,

Finally getting the hang of what to do and how to do in this field.

And also thankful that I got two fantastic paintings this year:

These are from my favorite animated films of all time, the Little Mermaid and Frozen. I feel warmth and courage emanated from these paintings. Totally in love with them.

After being grateful to what 2015 brought to be, I became more hopeful for the next year! Come, come, holidays and the New Year! I’m ready to listen to carols for the next 30 days!