Sick day

Didn’t do anything unusual but have felt quite lethargic since yesterday. Luckily the teaching duty was over and today was the final.

After proctoring, came home and cooked late lunch. Couldn’t get out of the bed afterwards. Mac Air played reality shows and stand ups non stop, while I repeated passing out and waking up until now.

It was such a bizarre day. I wasn’t sick, didn’t have any symptom. It seemed more like I was running out of batteries and turned into a low power mode. Now I feel much better. Thank Goodness! Resuming the routine…


Welcome winter

Tuesday I found a guy decorating the biggest tree on Main Street. Christmas is around the corner. 

And now I’m at the dealer shop to get a winter maintenance service for my car. People welcome a new season in different ways in different colors!

Keeping friendship

I’ve learned through life that friendship is on the basis of mutual respect and reciprocity, but was ignorant of how much effort it takes to keep the friendship.

I should have worked on it instead of taking it for granted. I lost a couple of good friends for I neglected that factor.  Those left me a good lesson. I put two decorations related to the friends by the window, to remind me that friendships are not gratuitous.

Morning workout

makes me happy. It feels the brain sweats too, pressing out my fears, worries, and unhealthy emotions!

First I play YouTube videos—Rebecca’s leg work out and Tiffany’s core and hip work out. And lie down with Miracle balls under the shoulders.

Then my day starts off right! Have a good day!

Thanksgiving 2015

Nothing much to do for an international student. It’s just been a blessing to be able to have a few days off. I celebrate Friendsgiving, hence the days before and after are busier than Thanksgiving day.

Today I was staying at home, mostly alone, speaking only with my bf through Skype, chatting only with texts. Never spoke something like “I’m thankful…” aloud. I guess this is a good place to do it.
I’m thankful for 

Having a wonderful family although they are thousands miles away,

Having a loving, caring partner,

Doing what I have passion for,

Finally getting the hang of what to do and how to do in this field.

And also thankful that I got two fantastic paintings this year:

These are from my favorite animated films of all time, the Little Mermaid and Frozen. I feel warmth and courage emanated from these paintings. Totally in love with them.

After being grateful to what 2015 brought to be, I became more hopeful for the next year! Come, come, holidays and the New Year! I’m ready to listen to carols for the next 30 days!