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One thought on “Daily readings

  1. Kim Post author

    Kim, C’s 2010 “Korean question particles are pronominals: A transparent case of
    representing discourse participants in the syntax” claims root question markers in Korean reflect the orientation of the questions

    Starke, M’s 2011 squib comments on Kim C (2010) that the root question markers have double roles—to define a clause-type as well as the orientation

    Korotkova, N’s 2017 proceedings paper “Evidentials and (relayed) speech acts: Hearsay as quotation” illustrates that hearsay evidential plays as quotatives in Cuzco Quechua, Kham in interrogative and Mbyá, Shipibo-Konibo, Tagalog, and Tariana in imperatives and Kaalallisut in both. She claims it is illocutionary evidential.



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