2016 resolution

1) No work on the bed

Won’t bring my laptop to the bed.

2) Sleep in the dark

It’s about another bad habit I had. Doesn’t feel good when I sleep with the light on.

3) Five manuscripts publishable

Want to spend this year with lots of presentations/networking/publication…

4) care of body

Won’t forget I have both soul and body. As much as I care of my soul and career, I will cherish my body in many ways—work outs, taking supplements, dolling ups(?!)

5) Read books


2 thoughts on “2016 resolution

    1. Jooyoung K Post author

      삐요삐요?ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 울집에 think tank를 만들려고 이베이에서 스카우트 해왔어! 각각 다 따로 주문했는데 큰애는 크기가 다른줄도 모르고 델꾸왔지 뭐야

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