Just give it a try

without fear or pressure

Let perfectionism cut in only at the final touch


Decided to make a change 

Since the life is time- and space-limited. I’d like to celebrate every moment available for me. Any event can be a celebration, whether it is joyful or painful.. Positive and negative feelings are equally worth living with. I am going to keep myself truthful toward all sorts of events in the life. 


Checked in my favorite public library in an old town. Planning to get done quite a bit of writing until 5.

Cheers to my paper! 

These are current favorite drinks! Very tasty with low calories! 

Last snow

It snowed last Friday. I guess this would be the last one before spring. It snowed very lightly the previous night and everything turned white and silver in the morning Friday.

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After I took these photos, it became sunny and snow melted away. It just felt like a gentle goodbye from the winter. I’m so ready to greet spring and happy about it, because I know that winter will come again later this year 🙂

Broad city

Oh what fun!

I saw the two main producers/actors in Conan only recently. After watching their bizarre skit with Conan O’brien, I got extremely curious about their show.. and that was the beginning of my Broad City marathon yesterday and today. The stories are hilarious and the characters are adorable!!! I haven’t seen such unabashed bitches on TV, who, as Jon Stewart put it, “translate joy” to the show.


I love (most) comedians and their works. Gotta confess that I am a bit biased on female comedians…! They’re like gems… and have so much to relate to!!! Schumer! Jackobson and Glazer! Late Rivers! and recently found Ms Sloan!!! and many other fearless gals out there!


2016 resolution

1) No work on the bed

Won’t bring my laptop to the bed.

2) Sleep in the dark

It’s about another bad habit I had. Doesn’t feel good when I sleep with the light on.

3) Five manuscripts publishable

Want to spend this year with lots of presentations/networking/publication…

4) care of body

Won’t forget I have both soul and body. As much as I care of my soul and career, I will cherish my body in many ways—work outs, taking supplements, dolling ups(?!)

5) Read books